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Video4Good producers have interviewed CEOs of established multinationals as well as start-up grassroots organizations. We’ve met hundreds of business people with varied backgrounds — but then we had a first. We interviewed a man with both CEO and Olympic gold medalist on his CV. That was Charles Moore, and we were delighted to talk with him at the COMMITForum Conference in New York last fall.

Moore was at the conference to receive the 2013 Corporate Responsibility Lifetime Achievement in Philanthropy Award. The gold medal? He won it running the 400m hurdles in the 1952 Summer Olympics. In addition to holding previous positions as CEO of Ransburg Corporation and member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, Moore is the former Executive Director of CECP (Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy).

Moore served on the Committee from it’s founding (by Paul Newman) in 1999, and helped shaped the organization’s focus. In our video interview, Moore talked about strategy and doing good.