V4G attended   NAEM’s EHS Management Forum in October and filmed this sobering interview with oceanographer and keynote speaker, John Englander. NAEM’s Elizabeth Ryan spoke with Englander about the unstoppable effects of climate change on businesses.

Many people are not aware that our planet’s sea level is currently rising at the fastest annual rate in the Earth’s history. However, Englander says, Superstorm Sandy was a pivotal event that forced some business leaders to consider how shrinking coastlines will effect the global supply chain and their bottom-lines. Englander emphasized that the change is inevitable and that now is the time to begin planning strategies for managing the risks — as well as the opportunities.

Watch our video for more facts that every company should know. If you’re interested in additional information about the economic and geographic impacts of  sea level rise, take a look at Englander’s book, “High Tide On Main Street“.