Happy endings are a lot more common in movies than they are in real life. But in the case of the Barber Farm, the movie concluded on a down note, while the real life ending is happier than we could ever have imagined.

Ten years ago, when we made the first movie, the Barber Farm was at a point where it could be developed, or it could be left open. No one knew what was going to happen, and a family feud seemed inevitable. Now the farm is permanently conserved by the Vermont Land Trust. There are cows and sheep, and rows of fruits and vegetables – many of which are donated to the local food bank – and amazing gardens.

We’ve been documenting this change, and the growing demand for local food that has made it possible. The full story of the Barber Farm will be told in a new documentary we’re producing. We’re in Vermont this week getting some final footage (and enjoying the bounty of tomatoes, corn and raspberries!). Editing begins in earnest this fall. For now, here’s a sneak peek of what we’re up to: