Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sat down with Video4Good at the 2012 COMMIT!Forum in New York.  In an extended interview, Kennedy discusses his career in the environmental movement and the impacts of business on the planet.  He explores the roots of environmental problems, analyzes the current situation and offers solutions for creating a healthy, prosperous future for society and the natural world.

In this video, Part Six of the interview, he explains how amending energy regulations to include conservation objectives can benefit the economy and achieve environmental goals.


In 1982, my group and RDC rewrote the rules so that utilities make money not by burning as much energy as possible but rather by persuading their customers to conserve energy by switching to renewables and as a result of that they make the same amount of money but they make it by doing good things.  So as a result of that rule, California today used 6,000 kilowatt hours on average per capita per year and the rest of American used twice that at least, 11,000 to 14,000 kilowatt hours per year.  And that makes California more efficient as an economy because you know every widget that is produced in the state is using half the energy than the widget produced in the adjoining state.