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“The U.S. is the only economy in the world that has reduced its carbon emissions,” Tisha Conoly Schuller, President and CEO of Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA), told us in a recent interview. Although it’s disheartening that the U.S. is the only one, COGA’s mission supports the positive side. The organization promotes the beneficial, efficient, responsible, and environmentally sound development, production and usage of Colorado’s oil and natural gas. Colorado has a 100-year history of oil and gas development, and Schuller represents the state’s industry operators.

Schuller advocates that the oil and gas industry in Colorado be more active in the climate change conversation, but she’d also like to see those talking about climate change be more inclusive of the oil and gas industry. Part of her job is to bring the community, association members and regulators together in order to foster communication and produce energy responsibly.

Watch our video interview filmed at the COMMITForum, and see how Schuller strikes that delicate balance.