In this interview, Ceres President Mindy Lubber talks about how the 2013 conference is all about getting to scale. Environmental problems won’t be fixed by small, incremental steps, she says. Instead, more robust solutions will be needed to tackle the magnitude of problem.

Companies at the Ceres Conference have the power and influence to move the needle on sustainability, says Lubber. She hopes to hear attendees making clear and profound commitments about their greenhouse gas emissions and water usage, as well as commitments to make sure their suppliers are addressing sustainability.

As Lubber points out, companies are ahead of Congress in understanding the impacts of extreme weather and the economic imperative of addressing climate change.¬†In five years, she says, environmental problems won’t be fixed, but no one will question the need to address them. ¬†Sustainability won’t be an environmental, do-gooder issue. Instead it’ll be a bottom line issue that every analyst takes into account.