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Stone Soup Cafe

We brought the story of Stone Soup Cafe a pay-what-you-can restaurant in Greenfield, Mass. — all the way to China. Hopefully the idea catches on around the world.


Before It’s Gone – A Podcast About Climate Change

Video4Good is launching a podcast! Over the years, we’ve met so many incredible people that are working on environmental and climate issues. We love making videos with them, but often there are deeper, longer stories that just can’t fit into the videos. And so, the idea for the podcast was born. It’s called Before It’s Gone.

Each episode features an in-depth conversation with a fascinating guest about how they are working to protect the things we love in this world. In episode 2, Dean Cycon of Dean’s Beans talks about the impact of climate change on coffee. (Spoiler alert: It’s not good.)

Check out the preview video, and hear the full episode on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or Soundcloud.

Two Holiday Videos – One Important Message

Here are two recent Video4Good productions that are especially appropriate this time of year. For me, both videos are reminders of the importance of standing up for what you believe in — a message that should be remembered year-round.
Enjoy the videos, and please share them with friends and family this holiday season!

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Jesus Was a Refugee

Making this video for The Nields was an emotional experience. We’ve all seen harrowing photos of refugees, but I’ve never looked at as many as intently as I did when editing this video. These powerful images, combined with the beautiful song, made me tear up more than a few times during the editing process. I hope it moves other people as much as it moves me.

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The Barber Farm Project

The Kingston Film Festival is the first place where you can see The Barber Farm Project, and new documentary from Video4Good. The film is a personal story about my family and the farm where I grew up, but also looks at larger issues such as threats to farmland from development and the growth of the local food movement. Making it has been a labor of love, and after more than 12 years of filming it’s a joy to finally share the story with the world!

We’ll be partnering with conservation organizations to host screenings in the coming months, but in the meantime you can catch it in Kingston, NY, on August 21, or follow the Facebook page for updates about other festivals.

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Re-Telling the Passover Story

I love working with kids! They are smart, funny, and always surprising. These kindergarteners, telling their version of the Passover story, are no exception.

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A Look at the Green Team

I spoke to the leaders of Smith College’s Green Team, and learned how they are raising awareness and activism on campus.