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Deirdre White, CEO of PYXERA Global sat down with Video4Good producers at the recent COMMITForum to talk about purposeful engagement and doing good. PYXERA Global leverages the strengths of corporations, governments, social sector organizations and individuals to enrich lives and livelihoods worldwide, inclusively and sustainably.

Among other things, PYXERA Global designs international volunteering opportunities for corporations. These programs improve a company’s triple bottom line (people, planet and profits) and seem like a win for all parties involved. More and more organizations now understand the social and business value of, for instance, offering employees the opportunity to teach or work in a small business in a developing country. Some corporations use international volunteering programs for leadership development as it builds an employee’s problem solving skills and the ability to learn to learn anywhere.

Watch our interview and find out more about Deirdre White and PYXERA Global.