“We challenge people to think, but we don’t tell them what to think,” says Gina Murphy-Darling, also known at Mrs. Green. That’s the non-judgmental tone she sets and achieves on her popular Mrs. Green’s World Radio Network. Trusted by both experts and non-experts, her goal is to encourage individuals and businesses to move toward global sustainability.

A former corporate executive, Murphy-Darling became Mrs Green after she attended a conference about preserving the rainforest in Peru. What started as a personal interest in sustainability and the environment became a passion she wanted to educate people about. She launched Mrs. Green’s World Radio Network as a way to inform mainstream people like herself, as well as business people, about sometimes confusing green issues.

Tune into Mrs. Green’s radio show to hear guests from all parts of the green world. Past shows covered everything from green schools to electric vehicles, climate adaptation and the salad revolution.

We interviewed Mrs. Green at this fall’s GoGreen NYC conference and were impressed by her authenticity. She shared her impressions of the conference and her insights into the future of sustainability.