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“A corporation without values is aimless,” Patrick Prevost told us when we interviewed him at the COMMIT!Forum last fall. Prevost is the President and CEO of Cabot Corporation and he was one of five winners of the Responsible CEO of the Year award.

Cabot Corporation is a leading specialty chemicals and performance materials company. Their portfolio includes products such as rubber, inkjet colorants and activated carbon. And with the acquisition of Norit in 2012, Prevost positioned Cabot to participate further in sustainability via purification products and solutions to serve the need for clean air and water.

Prevost is committed to operating with sustainable business practices and the company has a reputation for producing green and safe business solutions. He seeks long term success not just financially, but in making people’s lives better. Among other programs, Cabot participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project and sets long-term greenhouse gas emissions targets. “We try to do things better every day,” Prevost said.